Emergency Tip

If you lose a tooth completely, please follow these steps within the first 30 minutes of initially losing the tooth:

  1. Hold the tooth by the crown and rinse the root gently with water.
  2. Place back inside tooth socket.
  3. Contact Dentist immediately

Call us at (732) 780-1400 to retreive the emergency number so Dr. Brandon Elimanco can help you as soon as possible. 


Knowing the Proper First Aid

If a tooth traumatically becomes loose, but is still attached in any way, leave it in place; do not remove it.

If it is out of its socket completely and unattached, but still in the person's mouth, it is best to have the person hold it there, if possible, until Dr. Brandon Elimanco can attempt re-implantation.

If it is out of the mouth, do not let it dry out. Handle it as little as possible, holding it only by the crown, never the roots. Do not attempt to disinfect the tooth, or scrub it, or remove any tissue attached to it.

If it is recovered from the ground, rinse it off in lukewarm water. Preserve it in water until Dr. Elimanco can examine it.

Time out of the socket is critical for the long-term success of re-implantation. After 30 minutes, the success rate drops dramatically. However, re-implantation by Dr.Brandon Elimanco is still possible after several hours, so the attempt can still be made even if the tooth has been out for a long period.

Most emergencies can be avoided by visiting your dentist regularly.

How to Contact Dr. Elimanco For Emergencies

Call us at (732) 780-1400 to retreive the emergency number so Dr. Brandon Elimanco can help you as soon as possible.