Implant Restoration in Hamilton, NJ

Dental implants are an effective way to replace missing teeth. They are specially designed posts surgically placed into the upper or lower jawbone to replace the root of one or more missing teeth. When replacing a single tooth, an implant is a stand-alone restoration and does not involve treating adjacent teeth. This is a major advantage since there is no need to grind adjacent teeth. Another great benefit of implants is that they help preserve valuable bone after teeth are lost.

Dental Implants are a good value

At first, they may seem more expensive but they can provide a lifetime of use if you take care of them. Because of the secure fit of dental implants, they feel much more comfortable than conventional removable partials or complete dentures. Dental implants are the next best replacement to your natural teeth.

Implant supported Bridge

When more teeth are missing, chewing can be very difficult. Because a healthy diet is essential to all of us, an implant supported bridge may be the answer to regain a healthy lifestyle. This is like a traditional bridge except it is supported only by implants and does not need the support of the teeth next to the missing tooth or teeth. Implant bridges are extremely strong, permanent and can support and replace more teeth than a traditional bridge.

Implant supported over denture

For many long-time denture wearers, the fit of their denture may no longer be comfortable. Our solution to this common problem is the implant supported overdenture. It is like a conventional denture except it is supported by 2 or more implants allowing the denture to snap onto the implants. This is a removable appliance but the dental implants provide support and prevent the denture from moving around and popping up during chewing. This is also a very affordable way to improve the comfort and fit of a removable denture. We can offer many different implant solutions depending on your individual need.

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