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Crowns and Fillings in Freehold, NJ

Creating beautiful smiles is easier than ever. New advancements in bonding, composite resin (white fillings) and ceramic technology has given us the capability of producing lifelike restorations. Silver fillings and gold crowns are no longer your only options. When your teeth break down, pain and loss of chewing function can affect your daily life. Our commitment to quality brands like 3M Filtek Supreme help create unsurpassed esthetics that are now possible with the availability of varying shades, opacity and translucency.

We use zirconia crowns because your smile is important to us. Our local ceramists from our certified dental labs are skilled technicians that work closely with our doctors to reproduce what was lost when it comes to crowns (caps) that replace an entire tooth. Once dental work is done our goal is to make people compliment your smile.