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Laser Dentistry in Hamilton, NJ

Solea Laser is safe, effective and is revolutionizing the way we deliver quality dental care at Dental Harmony of Hamilton, NJ. Many people avoid visiting the dentist because of the fear of needles and the anxiety produced from the sound of drilling. Dental Harmony of Hamilton is now able to provide an anesthesia-free experience along with the reduction in noise associated with the use of the drill. This is possible through the modern technology of Solea Laser.

Solea Laser is computerized CO2 laser that delivers a narrow beam of light that removes decay with ease.  Some people may feel a cold sensation from the water, air and energy associated with the laser, but many report little to no discomfort during a typical filling procedure. The benefit of not feeling numb after your dental visit allows many to have a more comfortable experience.

Solea Laser can also be used for many gum procedures without the need for the traditional scalpel. Pain from swelling and stitches are also eliminated as healing times are much quicker.